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An exciting initiative to honor the Rebbe's Heartfelt request, for students to give Tzedakah while reciting Tehilim in their classrooms.

Kapital and Coin

is dedicated to fulfillingthe Rebbe’s heartfelt request to give Tzedakah while saying Tehillim.

Our mission is to empower schools, illuminate classrooms, and inspire students to become daily givers by contributing a coin with the psalm of their hand, every single day.

Giving Tzedakah is a foundational Mitzvah. Reciting chapters of Tehillim— called Kapitlach—is a capital practice.

When done together, as the Rebbe teaches, the world and the student are changed forever. Kapital + Coin places a digital Unity Box into each classroom, enabling every student to give a coin every single day while reciting a Possuk or Kapital Tehillim.

The coin’s value is backed by a team of investors. At the end of every month, each school receives the Tzedakah of their student’s collective daily giving.


The answer is based on a clear possuk: 
“Educate a youngster according to his path; even when he matures, he will not deviate from it.”
When a child is taught to place coins in a Tzedakah box, he will certainly continue doing so with his own money when he grows up.

והמענה לזה הוא — מקרא מלא דיבר הכתוב ״חנוך לנער גו׳ גם כי יזקין לא יסור ממנה״, היינו, כאשר מחנכים את הנער לשלשל כסף בקופת־צדקה, בודאי ימשיך להתנהג כן כאשר יגדל ויהי׳ לו כסף משלו, ״גם כי יזקין לא יסור ממנה״.

I highly recommend that whenever Tehillim is recited … it should be complemented with tzedakah

Sichah of 18 Elul 5745  
(Likkutei Sichos, Vol 29, pp 297-299)



Explore our library of resources for students and staff including step-by-step instructions, incentives and sources.


The Zchus of 7,500 students SAYING Tehilim and GIVING Tzedaka

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